These conditions of business for auctions held at our premises consist of our general conditions of sale
1. Auctioneer
2. Sellers
3. Buyers

1. Auctioneer
2. Sellers
3. Buyers
4. Reserve
5. Catalogue
6. Vintage and Contemporary Watches
 Watches or Other Online Time Auction Items
• 1.a Auctioneer is not authorized to sell the various goods between it and the buyer at the time of the expertise at the conclusion of the sales contract
• 1.b Auctioneer is authorized by the Seller to make an offer on behalf of those who have left with them before the auction is written or emailed to submit an offer on their behalf
• 1.c Auctioneer is authorized by the Seller to propose to its own discretion to the extent of the reservation, to Purchase goods from the seller as unsold under the Reserve or to withdraw the Goods as unsent if the Reserve is not reached.
• 1.d Auctioneer may take reasonable steps to regulate the bidding and to refuse undesirable bids at his discretion online too
• 1.e Auctioneer will deduct their commission and charges from any sum received from them by the buyer and are authorized by the Seller to keep possession of the goods until they have all the rights to the goods and the sale price plus Commissions for paid buyers
• 1.f Auctioneers are authorized not to credit the seller’s account if the Buyer exercised his right to return the goods to Auctioneers under Condition 8 of Auction Condition Auctioneers on auction. For this Condition 8, the Seller has authorized the Auctioneer, subject to the Seller’s right to reimburse the Buyer, to consult an expert at Seller’s expense and the Seller pays Auctioneers upon request the amount Auctioneers may reasonably request As an advance payment of such costs.
• 1.g Provided Auctioneers have been duly paid by the Buyer and subject to the Condition Auctioneers will pay the Seller the net proceeds of the sale net of any sums due to Seller Auctioneers, lowering the costs allowed in Condition 22 four weeks from the date of Sale In the case of bank transfer payment, in all cases the check payment will be 28 days, cash payments are not available unless in exceptional circumstances as agreed with the auction house. Auctioneers ac the watch are served and polished after the sale handled the auction
• 1.h Auctioneers are authorized by the Seller to charge the Buyer a premium at the rate of 15% + VAT unless specified otherwise.
• 2. “Seller” means person or persons named Where the Seller comprises two or more persons, the singular used in these Conditions shall include the plural and any obligations on the part of the Seller will be joint and several.
• 2.a The Seller warrants that he has the right to own and sell the items and has the right to instruct Auctioneers to sell them in the auction or private treaty. The Seller also warrants that all information provided to the Auctioneer is correct and will compensate Auctioneers against any liability concerning any inaccuracies in the above information and against any costs and expenses incurred by or on behalf of the Offeror to deal with any About this.
• 2.b The Auctioneers authority to sell shall be revoked provided by the Seller notifies the Auctioneers not less than 24 hours before the sale that the Goods are to be withdrawn from sale. The Seller shall pay to the Auctioneer prior to return of the Goods to the Seller following such withdrawal a charge of thirty-five percent (35%) of the Reserve or, in the absence of a Reserve by reference to a mid-estimate price reasonably fixed by the Auctioneer at the date of the sale from which the Goods are withdrawn, this is subject to a minimum withdrawal charge of £20 plus VAT. The application, or increase, of a reserve by the seller after acceptance shall be treated as a withdrawal.
• 2.c The Seller undertakes to notify the Auctioneers of any change of address, contact telephone number and e-mail address.
• 3.“Buyer” means a person or persons, including a firm or company, making the highest bid for the Goods or any part thereof whose bid shall exceed or be equal to the Reserve, if any.
• 3.a Notwithstanding the other terms of these Terms and Conditions, if within five days of sale, on Monday, the auction house has received from the Purchaser any notice of Lot in writing which, in his opinion, the Lot is a deliberate falsification, and within five days of the notification, On Saturday, the Buyer returns the same to the relevant Auction under the same conditions as the sale, the sale will be suspended and the amount paid against the Lot will be refunded. Provided that the buyer is not entitled to this condition if: the Buyer is unable to satisfy the Auction House that the Lot is a falsification deliberated by testimonies written by experts
• 3.b Buyers of each item must pay within 24hrs of the end of sale
• 3.c Buyer is not able to transfer a good and marketable title to the Lot free from any third party claims;
• 3.d – The benefit of this Condition shall not be assignable and shall only extend to the Buyer, being the person to whom the original invoice was made out by the relevant auction house respect of the Lot when sold and who has since the sale retained uninterrupted, unencumbered ownership of that Lot.
• 3.e If the Buyer fails to supply their name and address or that of the person on whose behalf he has bid the Auctioneers are authorized by the Seller to put up the Goods again at any time during the Auction
• 4 “Reserve” means the lowest price at which the Auctioneers are authorized to sell the watch or any items in the sale authorized the seller Any Reserve must be agreed between the seller and the auction house and shall be no less than £50 per lot. If the seller and auction house agree on a reserve, the Auctioneers are authorized to sell at a price no less than 90% of the reserve price, unless the reserve price is fixed.
• 4.a Agreed reserves are valid for one sale only, re-entered items must have either an agreed lower reserve or no reserve. It is the responsibility of the seller to contact the auction to agree this otherwise the item will be re-offered without reserve
5 /Catalog
• 5. “Catalogue” means the paper or electronic listing of the Sellers’ lots are including in the on the website
• 5.a Auctioneers are not responsible for the Seller for any errors in the catalog description and the Seller in the same manner as the buyer for any errors in the descriptions of the lots in the catalog
6/Vintage and Contemporary Watch & Clock
• 6. Selling watches or other items of the same sale are sold under the same conditions as they have experienced before the auction during the skill phase, and the Auctioneer is authorized to sell the clock or the watches or on the basis of their sale as Seen With all the failures All buyers are responsible for determining the quality and originality of the watch with different relationship conditions, which may be requested before submitting an offer or writing a bidding form.
• 6.a We are not responsible for the watch malfunction, and we advise that you are bidding on a watch, that you or your agent are completely satisfied with the condition of the lot. We suggest that all watches are serviced and polished after the sale as they are handled throughout the auction period
• 6.b A watch condition report that we want to buy can be asked before the timed auction by our experts to give you only an opinion and advice on watches for sale
These Conditions are governed and interpreted by the English Law. All transactions to which these Terms and Conditions apply and all related matters are also governed by English law
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